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(Posted 5:30 a.m., May 8)

OYP juniors put on entertaining double bill
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

OYP’s Friday junior classes took to the stage on Sunday to perform ‘Zimbarah’ and ‘The Drama Queens Do Annie’ in front of a full house at the Orléans Theatre. Fred Sherwin/Photo

As the Orléans Young Players Spring Festival hits midstream the theatre school’s junior students took their turn on stage Saturday night to present a pair of plays in front of a full house at the Orléans Theatre.

First up was the Funky Monkey class in “Zimbarah” about a group of kids who get transported into a board game invented by a toymaker, a wizard and a secret agent.

Once inside, they meet the game pieces who want to get out of the game as well. They also come across the game’s inventors. All three groups of characters set out to find a magic crystal that will free them from the game. When they find it, they’re forced to play a series of mini games to see which of the groups will be allowed to leave.

The game’s inventors win the challenge, but because they cheated the other two groups are allowed to leave along with the game pixies.

The group of Grade 3 to Grade 6 students did a superb job. I particularly liked Scott Beiersdofer who played Dr. Cranium and Emma Muller who played Tiffany the Princess.

The rest of the cast included Julia Elliott as Kelly Leduc, Paige Kendall as Jenny Jones, Natasha Farinaccio Skyla Jones, Bryanna Lalonde as Inspector B15, Kelsey Roman as Betty the Bombshell, Sydney Roman as Floridian, Alexander Panneton as Douglas Bond, Lydia Salgo as Nancy Drew, Sarah Yates as Lizzie, Rebecca Brennan as Tinkerbottom, Emma Panneton as Ella and Madison Taylor as Samantha.
In the second performance, the Friday Drama Queen class put on their version of “Annie” featuring a tremendously talented young lady in Holly Norman.

Norman was marvelous as the little orphan who gets adopted by the richest man in the world, but she shone brightest during the play’s musical numbers which included a pair of solos.

In fact, the entire cast was superb, especially when you consider their young age and their limited stage experience. They delivered their lines with gusto and seemed like seasoned pros during the choruses.

Special mention should also go out to Natalie Caycedo who played the grumpy orphanage owner, Miss Hannigan.

The rest of the cast included Renée Bigelow as Duffy, Darci Bloom-Bertrand as Mr. Bundles and Rooster, Tessa Duc as Molly, Anna Fitzsimmons as Kate, Shelby Ferguson as Sandi, Adynn Montgomery as Grace, Emily Wright as Tessie, Allison St. Pierre as Pepper, April Jarrett as Lily St. Regis and the Policeman and Alexander Panneton as Daddy Warbucks.

Both classes were directed by OYP’s veteran junior instructor Sandra MacNeill.

The Spring Festival continues this Friday and Saturday when the intermediate tour class takes to the Orléans Theatre stage to perform “Aladdin”.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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