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This week:
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Orléans Ward
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Posted 5:30 p.m ., Dec. 16)

'Mother Goose' production definitely worth a gander
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Mother Goose, played by Bob Dickinson, spurns the advances of Clarence Creep, played by Peter Courtney, during the opening night performance of East End Theatre's Christmas pantomime on Thursday. Fred Sherwin/Photo

Poor Mother Goose. She's behind on her rent and the village Earl, Clarence Creep, wants to throw her into the street. But that's the least of her problems as she's about to become the central figure in a wager between the Fairy Queen and the bad fairy Discord over whether her heart is true.

And so begins the East End Theatre company's pantomime production of "Mother Goose", on stage this week at the Orléans Theatre.

The East End Theatre company have become old pros at pantomime which combines comedy, singing, audience participation and satire. Past holiday productions have included Aladdin, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella.

The central figure in "Mother Goose" is, of course, Mother Goose who's played by Bob Dickinson. Dickinson makes a triumphant return to the pantomime stage after a one year absence. In 2003, he played Jack's mother Dame Trot in "Jack and the Beanstalk".

In not so many words, Dickinson is hilarious, ridiculous, foolish and just plan funny. His facial expressions alone will have you rolling in the aisle, but for true side-splitting comedy his "strip tease" in Act 2 is worth the price of admission all on its own.

"Mother Goose" is loaded with funny bits such as when Mother Goose and Clarence Creep sing Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, or when she leaps into the arms of Billy Goose, Creep and Onions at the end of It's Raining Men.

Of course, no pantomime is complete without a villain, or in the case of "Mother Goose", a villainess, and Sherry Thurig fits the bill as the conniving Discord.

As a general rule you can gauge the acting ability of a pantomime villain by the tenure of derision they receive from the audience. In Thurig's case, the boos and cat calls during the opening night's performance were off the chart.

Mother Goose admonishes her son Billy as he hugs Priscilla the magical goose during Act 1 of the Christmas pantomime 'Mother Goose'. Fred Sherwin/Photo

Peter Courtneye seasons the team was undefeated in league and ERSL Cup play, winning three league championships and three ERSL Cups along the way. During the past season Amy set a new record for most goals in a season with 22 along with her teammate Kayla Marshall.

Her success on the field led to an invitation to the U15 selection camp in Vaughan, just north of Toronto. Amy and her father made the trip six consecutive weekends. In the end, she was one of only two players from outside the GTA to be named to the team. She was also chosen to be the team's designated corner and free kick specialist.

Besides her work ethic and competitive drive, Amy is equally adept kicking with her left foot as she is with her right. It's a unique ability that comes from her years of training as a competitive highland dancer.

Because of the increasing demand on her time, Amy has had to forego her love of dance to pursue her love of soccer. Her ultimate goal is to one day play for Team Canada, but for now her immediate focus is being a part of Team Ontario and preparing for the Rocky Mountain Cup in St. Alberta, Alberta next summer which doubles as the national championships.

"I'm really looking forward to it," says Amy about the prospect of playing on the national stage for the first time. "It's going to be exciting."

At the rate she's going it wouldn't surprise anyone, least of all her parents or her old coach, if Amy achieves her goal sooner rather than later.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)

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