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(Posted 7 p.m., Dec. 5)

Orléans Young Players serve up a pair of aces
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

'The Amazing Fairy Tale Race' featured the talents of the Orléans Young Players Act 1 class. Fred Sherwin/Photo

The Orléans Young Players Act I and Act II classes took to the Orléans Theatre stage Saturday night to present their year end productions.

First up was the Act I class which presented a hilarious spoof on fairy tales called "The Amazing Fairy Tale Race" in which the great-great-great-great granddaughters of the Brothers Grimm get the key back to their fairy tale machine which had been out of commission for over 300 years.

As it turns out, the key was stolen by the Wicked Queen from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" fame, who uses it to visit the "real world" and go on shopping sprees.

Snow White steals the key from the Wicked Queen when she's not looking and brings it to Gwendolyn and Gloria Grimm so they can make new Fairy Tales and remake some of the old ones.

"My life is sooooo boring. I have to eat the same poisoned apple, over and over again, and get kissed by the same ugly prince, and clean up after those slobby dwarfs. I need some adventure in my life," she explains to them.

The sisters, on the other hand, see the key as opportunity to make lots of money.

"We'll be rich," they exclaim.

Meanwhile, the Wicked Queen has dispatched the fairy tale characters to the four corners of the globe to try and find the key. Jack and Jill are sent to Scotland, Tinkerbell and Pinocchio are sent to Egypt and Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the Fairy Godmother are whisked off to Paris.

Before long the Wicked Queen finds out the Sisters Grimm have the key and she assembles her gang of fairy tale characters at the Grimm's house to get it back. Unfortunately for the Wicked Queen, things don't work out according to plan and she's banished from the real world forever and is forbidden to have anymore beauty products.

"The Amazing Fairy Tale Race" was the second production for many of the students in the Act I class who are in the second year at OYP. Their stage presence is much improved since last year when they performed "The Pirates of Narnia".

Erin Abbott did a wonderful job as the Wicked Queen and Brianna Bettencourt was a superb Snow White, but it was the scene in which she played a French shoe store salesperson with an attitude that was particularly funny.

Mati Contal also did a great job delivering puns like, "I'm a little sheepish.", "Get away from her ewe.", and "Stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes." with dead pan perfection.

The rest of the cast included Olivia Campagna as Sleeping Beauty, Laurence DaNova as Pinocchio, Petra Hohenstein as Tinkerbell, Cristina Wood as the Fairy Godmother, Meranda Nolan as Cinderella, Sameer Rati as the Mummy, Adrienne Pearce as Gwendolyn Grimm and Maggie Sherwin as Gloria Grimm.

After "The Amazing Fairy Tale Race", it was the Act II class' turn to take the stage with their play "Among TheMall" about a bunch of kids who thwart a robbery after getting locked inside a mall.

All I can say is that Pierre Olivier Guerette is quickly becoming my favourtie actor at OYP. Last year, Guerette played a loud and child unfriendly camp director in "The Wrong Camp!". In "Among TheMall" he plays a loud and child unfriendly mall owner.

Guerette is one of those natural born actors who commands you're attention every time he set foot on the stage and not just because of his loud voice. He has a natural affinity for the environment that is impossible to teach.

Other strong performances were turned in by Cody Maurice as Bobby the break dancer from the Bronx whose energy level is seldom below a nine and Amanda Ricketts as Lizzie the English exchange student.

The rest of the cast included Melissa Cochrane, Emma Hoch, Andreas Hohenstein, Meagan Schroeder, Jake Dangerfield, Hannah Rundal and Amanda Ricketts.

Like "The Amazing Fairy Tale Race", the script was well written and showcased the talents of the young actors superbly. It was also very funny which is a credit to Andrea Cochrane, who teaches both classes, and the students who provided he inspiration and ideas for most of the material.

The third and final instalment in OYP's holiday trilogy takes place this Friday and Saturday when the Christmas Classic class presents "The Snow Queen and Friends".

Curtain time Friday night is 7 p.m., while Saturday's performance is a matinee offering starting at 4 p.m. Tickets are $5 each at the door.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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