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Posted April 17

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Minor Bantam RepB
Orleans Blues complete playoff sweep with win over Nepean Raiders

The Orleans Blues were the picture of perfection on Saturday as they completed a six game sweep through the playoff with a 4-2 win against the Nepean Raiders. See story

Major Atom A
Gloucester Rangers fall short in bid for Major Atom 'A' championship

After twice staving off defeat against the Gloucester Rangers in the ODMHA Major Atom 'A' final, the Goulbourn Rams saved their best for last to win the championship in the fifth and deciding game. See story Tuesday, Dec. 309


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Bob Monette

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Orléans Ward
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(Posted 11:30 a.m., July 14)

'Wrong for Each Other' is right on the mark
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

The East End Theatre production of 'Wrong For Each Other', starring Rita Celli and Tim Robinson is on at the Orléans Theatre until July 16. Fred Sherwin/Photo

When do two wrongs make a right? When the two wrongs are two former lovers who still hold a flame for each other despite a life-altering event and the passing of time.

In the East End Theatre production of Wrong For Each Other, on stage at the Orléans Theatre until Tuesday, Dec. 309 , Nora Case and Rudy Sorenson are two wandering souls first thrown together by chance, eventually separated by tragedy and then reunited by fate.

The play opens with Nora, played by Rita Celli, sitting alone at a table in a restaurant. Sorenson, who is played by Tim Robinson, asks to borrow an empty chair at the table when they recognize each other after being divorced for three years. The play then switches back and forth between the present and a series of flashbacks offered up as vignettes.

We see the future Mr. and Mrs. Sorenson when they first meet in a flower shop and squirm in our seats as they navigate through that first awkward moment all of us go through when we're "interested" in a member of the opposite sex and are terrified that our next word might ruin any chance we might have had to develop the situation further.

After the flower shop, the play rapidly progress through the first date at a baseball game. He loves baseball, while she goes because she wants to be with him. On the second date they go to an amusement park where she takes him on a roller coaster. He hates roller coasters but goes on one anyway because he wants to impress her.

The third, and in my opinion the funniest flashback, occurs in Rudy's apartment when the two first sleep together after five dates. The next morning they compare notes as the one liners fly fast and furious.

The fourth flashback finds the couple cleaning up after Nora's father meets Rudy for the first time. Nora thinks the evening was a success until Rudy tells her that her father threw a dumpling at him after he let it slip that they were sleeping together.

During the ensuing conversation, Rudy first suggests that they move in together and then asks her to marry him. When she tells him to stop, he finally utters the L-word which is met with almost as much enthusiasm as the marriage proposal.

The two part company with Rudy suggesting they take a break for awhile, hoping all the while that she will object. She doesn't and he leaves. We find out later that after the door closed behind him Rudy and Nora both reached for the door knob at the same time, but neither one of them opened the door.

In the second half of the play, we see the couple during a break from their wedding. Nora is sitting by herself and admits to being scared. "My father always told me to expect the worst. That way there are no surprises," she tells Rudy.

During the next scene, we hear Nora's voice as she goes through a very traumatic moment with Rudy. Nora is sitting alone at the restaurant table when Rudy returns. As a result of the past experience, Nora went through a deep depression. Rudy, who was left to deal with the situation on his own, ends up having an affair after feeling abandoned. When Nora finds out about it she leaves him.

Back in real time, Rudy admits to having a girlfriend after first hesitating and Nora admits that she's back with the man she was living with before they met.

Rudy desperately wants to get back with Nora, saying that she's the one and pronouncing his love had never faded. He asks for permission to call her at work. She rebuffs his advances and refuses to grant him permission before bolting for the door. As the play ends, Rudy is standing alone at the front of the stage when Nora re-enters. "I usually start work at 8:30," she tells him.

Wrong For Each Other is a brilliantly funny play made even more brilliantly funny by Robinson and Celli who play the awkward and quirky couple to a tee. Kudos as well to director David Ferguson who once again worked his magic in nurturing two relatively inexperienced actors and bringing the play to life.

Wrong For Each Other is loaded with dialogue and Celli and Robinson rarely missed a beat. Celli's performance was especially noteworthy in light of the fact that it was the CBC television anchor's theatrical debut.

When I left the theatre I couldn't help but wonder how much better they might be after two or three nights under their belts. This is my only misgiving about the play. Celli and Robinson should be hitting their stride just as the four night production comes to a close. In a perfect world, they would be able to follow up their performance at the Orléans Theater with an engagement in the Studio in the NAC. It's that good.

But since the Orléans Theatre will be the only place you can see Wrong For Each Other, I would suggest that you find time during any one of the next three evenings and witness one of the best productions this reporter has seen in quite sometime.

Wrong for Each Other continues tonight and for the next three nights at the Orléans Theatre, 255 Centrum Blvd. Curtain time is 7:30 p.m. and tickets can be purchased at the door for $15 for adults and $10 for students and seniors.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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