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Gloucester music teachers honour top students
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Members of the Gloucester Music Teachers’ Association (GMTA) honoured their top students on Sunday with a recital and awards ceremony at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Orléans.

This year's recipients of the Gloucester Music Teachers' Student Awards pose with the trophies they received for scoring the highest mark in the Royal Conservatory exams for their respective grade levels. Peter Kalinger/Photo

Twenty-two students in all were recognized for having achieved a mark of 80 per cent or better during their Royal Conservatory examinations last year, while nine of the students were honoured for having attained the highest mark in their respective grade levels.

Eight of the students received First Class Honours with Distinction, signifying that they had scored 90 per cent or higher on their exam.

Eleven-year-old Rebecca Kalinger finished at the top of her class for the third time in the past four years, having previously received trophies in 2002 (Grades 1 and 2) and 2004 (Grades 3 and 4).

Since 2001, Miss Kalinger has scored 91 per cent on her Grade 1 exam, 92 per cent on her Grade 2 exam, 88 per cent on her Grade 3 exam, 91 per cent on her Grade 4 exam and 95 per cent again on her Grade 5 exam last year.

The energetic young miss practices piano several hours every week while still finding time to pursue her interests as a singer and budding basketball star.

“It’s sort of hard to balance my school work with piano and singing but basketball’s easy because we get to do it during lunch,” says Miss Kalinger who’s been busy practicing for her Grade 6 exam in June and preparing for the upcoming Kiwanis Music Festival.

During the recital portion of the program on Sunday, Miss Kalinger chose to play Promenade by Prokofiev, turning in a inspiring performance despite nursing a temperature of 101-degrees.

Other highlights included Grades 1 and 2 award recipient Anita Pari’s rendition of Friedrich Kuhlua’s Sonatina, Mimi Lam’s Idyll by Nikolai Medtner and Edmund Chung’s playing of Impromptu by Franz Schubert.

Chung registered a 92 per cent on his Grade 9 exam last year to earn the Grace McGugan Memorial Award named in honour of the former Gloucester music teacher. Chung previously won the Grade 7 and 8 award last year.

Claudia Chan was a multiple award winner having attained a 92 per cent on her Grade 10 piano exam and a 95 per cent on her Grade 3 theory exam.

Miss Chan was a previous award recipient, having won the Grade 7and 8 award in 2003. She also turned in one of the most memorable performances of the afternoon, playing El Puerto by the Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz.

The program also included performances by Maria Chung, Jessica Fundarek, Sara Nizman, Danielle Rodriguez, Kenneth Crandlemire, Megan Whattam, Dorian DeLuca, Sara Atif, Hanna Nizman, Louise Lupien- Webber, Anna Stanek, Elyse Seguin, Sara MacDonald, Cara Crandlemire, Cindy Ma, Marie-Luc Seguin Lemay and Karen Chun.
Audience members were also treated to not one, but two special guest performances.

Former award recipient and Gloucester Music Club recitalist Mathieu Saindon performed a selection of pieces by Ravel, while voacalist Reba Sigler brought the program to a spell-binding close, singing Popular from the Broadway musical “Wicked” and The Jewel Song from “Faust”.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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