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Putting the 'lean'
in Orléans

Discover the Greco experience that can transform your life. At the Greco Lean & Fit studio in Orléans, revitalize your spirit, expand your boundaries and explore new ways to lead a healthier, more fulfilled life.

Their unique classes are much more than a series of exercise sessions. At Greco Lean & Fit your fitness sessions are a physical, psychological and emotional experience where you first increase your level of base conditioning before progressing to increase physical and cognitive skills.

Every training program is customized to address your unique fitness profile, enabling you to increase your fitness level each and every time you train with us. You’ll not only feel more powerful, you’ll be empowered to do more – and be more.

The Greco Lean & Fit studio in Orléans is a modern, bright, energetic facility that is conduscive to helping its members achieve the maximum results through athletic training and nutritional guidance.

The studio is owned and operated by Zach Nielson, a life long resident of the community and former St. Peter High School student.

Neilson decided to open a Greco Lean & Fit studio in Orléans to fulfill founder Tony Greco's mission to help individuals "realize their full physical and mental potential by transforming bodies, lifting spirits and strengthening minds."

Greco Lean & Fit strives to achieve this by having the most knowledgeable, certified trainers; exceptional programs; and the support of associate medical experts to produce excellent results in client weight loss, body conditioning, lifestyle enhancements and athletic goals.

They are also able to provide their members with the ultimate studio experience through spotless, modern and sophisticated surroundings and the highest standard of service, to perfect personal fitness and health.

They offer a number of different programs including sports specific training; personal training in a one-on-one or group environment; as well as yoga classes, 6-Pack Ab classes, Kettle Bell classes, and of course their now legendary Lean & Fit classes. For a complete run down on Greco's many programs visit www.grecoleanandfit.com/greco_Location_Orleans.php.

The Greco Lean & Fit Studio in Orléans is located at 1224 Place d'Orléans Dr., Unit 2. They can be reached by phone at 613-841-7777 or by e-mailing orleans@grecoleanandfit.com..


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