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The fun and easy way
to learn French

Do you think learning French is impossible? Have you tried every method under the sun, but to no avail? Are you frustrated and have given up all hope? Well there is another way. The French K.I.S.S. language training program has helped hundreds of people like you accomplish what they previously thought was impossible.

French K.I.S.S. developer and founder Robert Fontaine sits with his 'Ligne du temps' used to help teach verb conjugation. Fred Sherwin/Photo

Developed by career language educator Robert Fontaine, the French K.I.S.S. program will have you speaking French after the very first lesson. Each subsequent lesson will build on previous successes. Success builds confidence which inevitably leads to even greater success.

The program has been so successful that it has become the #1 choice of federal government employees interested in improving their bilingual designation.

The complete program covers five months of daily lessons that will bring the average student from beginner status to fluent French. Each daily lesson takes just a few minutes a day, or if you want to learn at a more accelerated pace, simply adapt the course to your own needs. Work at your own pace, from your home or office, in your pajamas or sitting by the pool!

The first month's CD is accompanied by the French K.I.S.S. book, in pdf format, which is used throughout the program. The CD of PowerPoint exercises cover all the basic elements that will enable students to speak fluent French within 100 days. That may seem hard to believe but Fontaine assures readers that it is possible with his accelerated learning program.

As a bonus each student who orders the program also receives the French K.I.S.S. Bon Voyage Travel program and a special CD that helps students with their rhythm, intonation and pronunciation.

Each month, the latest CD will be available for you to order. The cost for the materials is just $49.95 per month, which includes the cost of shipping to anywhere in the US or Canada.

It is important to note that to learn any language takes a certain amount of commitment on the part of the student. To get the most out of the French K.I.S.S. Program requires a certain amount of work and commitment. The more committed the person is, the more they will get out of the program.

Traditional methods of teaching French focus almost solely on the student's ability to build vocabulary through repetition and memorization. The truth is that all languages, even English, exist within a structure. Know the techniques and mechanisms behind the structure and you will be able to make the words work for you. That, in a nutshell, is the secret behind the French K.I.S.S. Program

French K.I.S.S., which stands for "Keep It Simple, S'il vous plait!", means just that. Using the strategies and techniques Fontaine has developed over the past 32 years, a window will be opened for you.

The secret to learning the French K.I.S.S. way is to keep things simple. By developing an understanding of the French language and how it works in an English context, students no longer have to get stressed out over learning reams of vocabulary and rhyming off seemingly endless verb conjugations.

"Language is all about relationships. How one word relates to another. How one verb relates to another. When I talk about French verbs we learn about English verbs first and how the verb tenses relate to one another," says Fontaine. "There are patterns and mechanisms in any language. Once you learn the patterns the rest will follow. It's a matter of demystifying the language."

Past students have included senior civil servants, high school students and anyone else who is serious about learning French.

"I want people to start using my program because it really works," says Fontaine. "The traditional way of learning French isn't working. Anyone can learn French. Not only will you learn French using my program, you'll be able to retain what you learn."

With a 99 per cent success rate, the proof is in the fact that hundreds of people have learned to speak French fluently using Fontaine’s techniques.

Besides the 5-month home program, French K.I.S.S. has just released a shorter travel program called Bon Voyage French designed for people thinking about traveling to a French speaking region in the world.

Bon Voyage French will help you order meals in restaurants, book a room at a hotel, ask for directions, rent a car, find out about local attractions, buy tickets for train, plane or bus travel and much, much more.

Separate MP3 lessons can also be downloaded for $5 per lesson. Titles include Travel Directions; Travel Vocabulary I & II; Professions; and French Adjectives.

To learn more about the French K.I.S.S. Program visit www.french-kiss.ca or call Robert Fontaine at (613) 837-5279. You won't be disappointed.


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