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Fitness + Nutrition
+ Fun = Results

Lose weight and have fun -- two concepts that don't exactly go together when thinking about getting rid of those extra pounds. Well at 180° Fitness in Canotek Park, you can lose weight, become healthier and have a great time doing it.

Just answer these three questions: Do you want to look and feel better? Do you need motivation? Do you want to meet fun people who have the same goals as you do? If you're answer to all three questions is "yes", then read on.

At 180° Fitness they use cutting edge workouts that have been scientifically proven to help you lose fat and get toned as FAST and as SAFELY as possible.

180° Fitness is owned and operated by Adrian Delorey, a certified kinesiologist and body transformation expert who is commited to ensuring the success of each and every member through the centre's tried and true code of values called E.N.R.I.C.H.

Delorey and his team of personal trainers help people enrich the lives of others through the Encouragement of thier clients.

By upholding a commitment to the Needs of their members. They apply the golden rule by Respecting others time, reputation, opinion and ideas. They focus on maintaining the highest degree of Integrity & Customer Focus. All while fostering a spirit of fun, and a sense of Humor.

They encourage and promote healthy lifestyle changes, exercise and good nutrition, not just for today, but for life. To that end, 180° Fitness is offering FREE body diagnostic consultaions plus a one-week trial. No contract. No credit card. No catch. Simply call the centre at 613-749-2267 to make an appointment.

All 180° Fitness exercise programs focus on developing Balance & Coordination, Flexibility & Strength, Speed & Agility, and POWER! 180° Fitness is also home to the highly successful Biggest Loser program.

Specifically designed for the individual just starting out, Biggest Loser Ottawa combines group training sessions, one on one private personal training session, a bi- monthly weigh in and check in with our nutritionists, grocery store tours, recipes, kitchen raids and so much more! If accountability is what you need and you just don’t know where to start – THIS is the program for you!

For more information about 180° Fitness including testimonials from satisfied clients visit www.180fitness.ca. The 180° Fitness Centre is located at


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